When I rang in 2014 at the worst NYE party in town (no, I’m still not over it) I made a promise to myself.

I said to myself, ‘Self — do more shit that scares you this year.’

Of course turning 30 was another great opportunity for some serious self-reflection and another reminder to myself to step out of my comfort zone that I’ve done a fantastic job of nestling myself into and to get out there and take some chances, learn some new things, and get my ass into gear.

Starting with Yoga. And not just ‘oh hey let’s get a yoga membership and go whenever’. No, I signed up for a 30 day challenge that was already on Day 8, with the goal to complete 20 practices in 24 days.

Because I’m crazy like that.

 Me doing Yoga 24 days ago.

 Me doing Yoga now. With maybe a slight exaggeration. 

Well, if you were wondering if this post had a purpose, other than sharing that ridiculously cute gif of a drunk(?) sloth, it’s to publicly share this:

Namaste Bitches. Challenge Completed. 

And that is all I really had to say about that.

x C x

A/N: If you live near me and you’re a yogi, we should definitely hit up a class sometime. If you are Lululemon and you’d like to send me free shit, that works too. ;) 

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