Hug a Cactus in Arizona

arizonaheader_october2015I have many things on my bucket list, but going to Phoenix, Arizona was definitely on it. Despite spending a summer in Vegas, the closest I got to Arizona was standing on the state line at the Hoover Dam and landing in the Grand Canyon.  When the opportunity came up to go to Phoenix (or more specifically the Paradise Valley / Scottsdale area) for work – the answer was 100% yes, yes, yes!

A few travel hiccups later, thanks to Toronto’s #FogGate,  a stop to gas up the plane in a whole other city not on the flight plan, some unplanned fun at the Chicago O’Hare airport (hello Spa!)  and being told on our last flight to Phoenix as we board “Oh – we don’t have you on this plane”  we finally made it to Phoenix, 22 hours of travel time later. It became obvious, that my Phoenix bucket list was upgraded. After all that, I would take a walk on the wild side and hug a cactus.

We had so many laughs (SO many laughs), a whole lot of fun, and we were so proud of our amazing clients rocking it at their annual convention. It may have only been three days in the desert, but a lifetime of memories were made.

Here are a few (or a lot) of my favorite photos from our trip.  Continue reading

The C List

theclist_summer2015_coralHappy Friday you beautiful people you!

For many of us, it was a rainy week and Hurricane Joaquin hasn’t even reared his ugly head yet. While weekend outfits will surely entail Hunter Boots and umbrellas, I’m beyond excited to celebrate a squad member’s birthday, finally squeeze another member home from Australia AND sing some karaoke. If there was ever a reason to add me on snapchat – karaoke would be it.

Before the weekend fun can get started, here is this week’s C List! Fresh off the press!

  1. Diabolical little girl held an owl and the Internet had a Photoshop field day (via Mashable) This made my entire week. You can thank me later, but first: let’s all thank photoshop.
  2. Why I Change My Tampon In Front Of My Children (via Refinery29) This fantastic piece was written by someone I’m lucky enough to call a friend – the incredibly talented Kate Spencer! Ladies! If you’re a mother this is such an important read. Even if you’re not a mother (like myself) you will find this so powerful.
  3. New Starbucks Fall Drinks Include Candy Corn Pear Cider Americano (via YouTube) If you’re a Starbucks fan, you’ll appreciate this. If you love making fun of us Starbucks addicts, you’re going to LOVE this. I promise.
  4. Sloths are so talkative! (via YouTube) Look. If you watch ONE video all week – it needs to be this video and you need to watch it until 1:20min. I have been sitting here watching the last few seconds on replay all night.

Have an awesome weekend! AND come back on Saturday for my “Hug a Cactus” Arizona post! It features some of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken!


Did you catch my Product of the Month? I’m in love and want you to fall in love with all things Tiny Devotions too! 

Product of the Month – Tiny Devotions

productofthemonth_september2015I am so excited about this  Product of the Month because those who know me, know that I love a good scarf. Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring. I can find an excuse or reason to wear a scarf 365 days a year. So naturally, when I got my hands on one of the new scarfs from Tiny Devotions, it was love at first sight.

They have over a dozen different colors and patterns to choose from, mine is the Paia Scarf found here.

IMG_5154As per Tiny Devotions, “The Paia Scarf is perfect for the bohemian that roams barefoot and free biking from beach to beach waiting for the next surf. She’s laid back, free and full of life and laughter. She spends her days hitting up the unique blend of shops, boutiques, and restaurants collecting memories with her tribe. Wrap yourself in the spirit of Paia.”

Seems about right.

This scarf is so soft, light enough to wear in the sun (as demonstrated in the photo above where it was 40c / 102f degrees) and is long enough to style in every way your heart desires. It’s also fantastic to wrap around your shoulders if you get a bit chilly. A heat worshipper, I love this option for when the A/C gets a little goose bump inducing.

Lastly, I love that this scarf will truly work in any season when paired with the right colors. I can’t wait for all of you to grab your own and show the world how you wear your spirit!


Want to follow all things Tiny Devotions? Make sure to follow them on Instagram for so much pretty and inspiration.  You can also check them out on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter too! 

The C List


Happy Friday and hello from beautiful, hot, Arizona!

I may only be here for 2 days, but believe me when I say, I’m having the absolute time of my life. Having lived in Las Vegas, I’m all about that desert heat and South West life, but oh my gosh – Paradise Valley is absolutely STUNNING. And huge kudos to the Omni Scottsdale Resort and Spa at Montelucia because these folks just know customer service.

I mean, how is this real?

photo-2While I’m soaking up every ounce of desert heat, here are this week’s best links! It’s a little shorter than usual because, Arizona, but may I highly recommend you watch the Stephen Colbert Hunger Games spoof. It’s pretty epic.

  1. Rat carrying pizza slice will teach you what it means to have a dream (via Mashable) Today, we are all this rat in the NYC subway. I can’t wait to see what pizza franchise sponsors him first.
  2. The Definitive Ranking Of Every Outfit Worn By Elle Woods In “Legally Blonde” (via Buzzfeed) Ladies – let’s hear it! What are your favorite Elle Woods outfits? And can I just say – Elle is the reason I first discovered Tiffany & Co.? As much as I wish I could say it was Audrey inspired, truth is, it was all Elle Woods.
  3. The Hungry for Power Games on Stephen Colbert (via YouTube) This is so awesome. If you love Stephen Colbert, American Politics, the Hunger Games or any / all of the above, you owe it to yourself to watch this.

Have an awesome Friday, folks!


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