The C List – Labor Day Edition

29 Aug

the-c-listAhh… Sweet sweet Labor Day.

Better wear your white this weekend folks, because after Monday…. well, does anyone even follow that rule anymore?

Whether you’re heading out of town, catching up on some reading or Zzzzzs or hanging shoreside like myself this weekend – Labor Day always has such a nostalgic feel to it. While it’s not officially the end of summer – it always feels like it is, regardless of whether you’re going back to school or not.

So this weekend – why not make the best of it? If you haven’t applied all of the Rules of Summer to your summer – it’s not too late.

And if you have – everyone likes an encore!

For now, here is this week’s C List.

1. Aaron Paul’s Emmy speech crashes his wife’s website (via Mashable) If you are not following everything Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Paul do in life, stop and re-evaluate. These two and their love is quite honestly my reason for being.

2. 10 Things to Do Before Summer Ends (via Levo League) I will take all of these options.

3.  Japan Unveils Adorable Mock Pizza Hut Run Entirely By Cats (via Food Beast) You’re welcome, cat lovers.

4. Russian couple saves a pudgie prairie dog (via Mashable) And I die… You also get a gif, JUST in case you weren’t going to click that link.

KgfNYdpHappy weekend everyone!

And don’t get caught in the sand after one too many Labor Day burgers!

x C x


Scenes from the Weekend

25 Aug

This past weekend was one of those perfect weekends where you expect it to be quiet and uneventful but then you end up on the most exciting adventure.

While I spent Friday night curled up watching Moonrise Kingdom and Midnight in Paris and the better part of Saturday having an amazing nap and devouring Hemingway’s “A Farewell to Arms” — I ended up spending Sunday at Fundy National Park with Mom & Dad. Quality fam jam time, for the win.

Fundy is nestled amongst beautiful pine trees, lakes, and amazing coast views and cliffs about an hour outside of Moncton. It’s home to some of my favorite hikes and East Coast views and is the perfect place for a BBQ picnic or two. It’s also home to the largest tides in world. Over an eight hour time span, boats at the wharf go from well afloat to high and dry. It’s nature’s way of blowing my mind, every time I visit.

So without further ramblings, here are my favorite snapshots from the weekend.

IMG_0636fresh sunflowers from the local market 

IMG_0640 lobster boats on a saturday night stroll 

IMG_0654 hemingway cat reads hemingway and loves it

IMG_0660 high tide @ 11am … 

IMG_0719 low tide @ 7:30pm …

IMG_0661 high tide….

IMG_0722 low tide… 

IMG_0670 herring cove 

IMG_0672 herring cove beach 

IMG_0676 herring cove beach

IMG_0679 im smiling but this water is freezing… 

IMG_0692 no filter needed – nature’s green

IMG_0695 views from a covered bridge

IMG_0700 laverty lake 

IMG_0702 bennett lake 

IMG_0708 lakeside bbq

IMG_0727 high and dry

IMG_0712 huge thank you to my parents for the day trip and great company xo

What exciting adventures did you get up to this weekend?

x C x

The C List

22 Aug

the-c-listEvery Friday I think to myself…

Wow. Is it already Friday again?

It’s no shocker to anyone that this summer has absolutely flown by. The month of August seemingly flying at record speed, causing me to have a full blown freak out this week when I realized I was leaving for Paris in three weeks and had yet to book a hotel.

As much as I want to be spontaneous on this trip, there’s a time and place and landing in Paris with no hotel is not the time or place.

tumblr_mv7ybesuyo1qa70eyo1_500^ me, every day, for 8 days as of September 12th

The good news is, I now have a hotel reservation for the tiniest but sweetest room in a boutique hotel in Montmartre and I am over the moon. Bring it Paris.

But! In the meantime, Happy Friday and here is the C List!

1. A Baby Wombat + the Subsequent Photoshop Fun (via Mashable) Two words: baby wombat

2. American Horror Story – Freakshow teaser (via I am a huge fan of this series, though I don’t find either of the past two seasons could compare to the first season. That said – Freakshow sounds promising (carnivals are terrifying) and Wes Bentley joined the cast. So, yes.

3. Barely Legal Pawn (via Hypable) Bryan Cranston. Aaron Paul. Julia Louis Dreyfus. It doesn’t even matter what is going on in this video. It’s got Bryan and Aaron and Aaron holds a puppy. You’re welcome.

4. Robert Pattinson’s #IceBucketChallenge (via Buzzfeed) I mean, there are so many good celebrity challenges (and I’m obviously a huge fan of Jamie Dornan’s) but Rob’s was just too good. And bless him for going with a white tshirt that day.

Alright friends. Have an awesome weekend.

x C x

Scenes from a PEI Weekend

18 Aug

This summer, I really made it my mission to live by the Rules of Summer.

Naturally, these rules included a lot of road trips.

So it’s no shocker that I ended up on Prince Edward Island for my 4th time in four months this past weekend.

The wheels were in motion when my mother retired from her position as a nurse after 40 years at our local hospital. Unsure of what the appropriate retirement gift is for the most selfless and compassionate woman I know – a night on the island and a lobster feast seemed about right. Eventually, this morphed into ‘well let’s stay for two nights’ and then ‘let’s stay for three nights.’

Soon it was our annual mother-daughter trip and what a trip it was. 

From epic coastal views on a drive to the North Cape, amazing seafood dishes and drinks, morning and sunset walks on the beach, and another magical afternoon at Avonlea Village – this three day weekend was absolute perfection.

While I could never begin to share even a proper amount of my favorite pictures from this weekend – here are a dozen or so of my favorite memories from this weekend.

IMG_0152 morning strolls through the haunted woods to green gables

IMG_0162 discovery of the quaintest book store sign at the site of lucy maud montgomery’s childhood home

IMG_0171 london fog on a rainy morning in summerside

IMG_0438 west point lighthouse

IMG_0233 north cape dunes

IMG_0259 mornings on the beach

10606370_10100439529841419_2551995264735055280_n vacation

IMG_0291 ocean breeze, sun kissed skin, and beach hair

IMG_0301 flip flops in the sun

IMG_0318 afternoons @ avonlea village

IMG_0329 carriage rides

IMG_0348 gilbert blythe and pig races – an adorable combination

IMG_0505 making friends with all the animals

IMG_0361 a little shopping at village pottery in new london (elisha cuthbert was also there this week!)

IMG_0364 cheers to an amazing day

IMG_0365 appetizer of choice on the east coast – oysters, quahogs, and caesar

IMG_0372 sunset views

IMG_0392 red cliffs

This summer was most definitely a mad love affair with this beautiful island – so much that I’m now planning a fifth (and last for 2014) visit over in September to see the musical Anne & Gilbert at the Guild the weekend before I leave for Paris.

Because five times in five months just has such a classy ring to it.

Until then – wishing you all an amazing week ahead. See you back here on Friday for the C List.

x C x

The C List – Cavendish Edition

15 Aug

the-c-listGood Morning from one of the most magical places on the East Coast – beautiful Cavendish, Prince Edward Island.

And no, you’re not crazy – I was just here two weeks ago.

What’s the perfect cure for vacation withdrawal? Plan another trip back. In two weeks.

Poof! Next thing you know you’re drinking Raspberry Cordials minutes after crossing the confederation bridge and devouring Boom Burgers (the best burgers.)


But for real – every summer, my mother and I do a mother-daughter road trip (or trip to Hawaii, on some occasions) and this year’s trip is three days on the Island taking in lighthouses, lobster dinners, beach sunsets, and taking in all the magic. Have I mentioned lately that I love summer on the East Coast?

So while we’re out gallivanting – here is this week’s The C List, jam packed with goodness.

1. Better Call Saul Teaser (via YouTube) I am still in Breaking Bad withdrawal over six months later, this helps ease the pain immensely. Just promise me at some point we get some Jesse Pinkman.

2. The Whole Veronica Mars Gang is Coming Back for a New Web Series (via Buzzfeed) Basically the very best news there ever was because, Logan Echolls.

3. The Best of Me full length trailer (via Huffington Post) If you thought the first teaser trailer was good… Stock up on Kleenex now for this movie.

4. The Official Camp X-Ray trailer (via YouTube) Kristen Stewart’s latest film – while I’m not one to usually be drawn to these types of movies, this trailer had me moved in seconds. You go KStew.

5. Outlander is the Historical Smut of my Dreams (via Jezebel) Have you heard of Outlander? If you haven’t and you’re a woman with an appreciation of hot men with accents (extra points for those in kilts) you may want to jump on this bandwagon. I watched the pilot last weekend and let me tell you. Hook. Line. Sinker.

Alright folks. Someone needs a morning run on the Haunted Woods trail.

With love from PEI,

x C x

Want more Prince Edward Island? Then check out all my recent posts : The Most Magical Place on PEI Part One and Part Two and my guest post on Hardcovers & Heroines on all things Anne of Green Gables! And make sure to follow me this weekend on Instagram

The Most Magical Place on PEI, Part 2

14 Aug

Welcome to the fourth part of the #CCAsEastCoastVoyage series and part two of The Most Magical Place on PEI. Come back next week for the not-to-be-missed “Let’s Take A Selfie With That Roadside Attraction!” post.

You know what’s especially awesome about today’s post?

Two things.

One – I wrote a guest post on my favorite book blog, Hardcovers & Heroines, on all things Anne of Green Gables and Prince Edward Island that went live today. I’d absolutely love it if you had a moment to check it out and leave some love.

Two – The minute after I hit publish on this post, I’m on my way back to Prince Edward Island and its most magical place – beautiful Cavendish.

tumblr_ma3khwImEo1rdtv8to1_500 me, right now at the thought of a 3-day weekend in PEI

Where was I? Oh right. 

When I left off yesterday, I shared some of my favorite pictures from our morning at the Green Gables house.  Afterwards, we were headed down the street (literally) to Avonlea Village.

Let me start by saying, among the many Anne of Green Gables attractions in Cavendish – there are a dozen more attractions that one might call “tourist traps” with absolutely nothing to do with Anne. But we were on an Anne mission, that led us to the quaint but perfect attraction dedicated to transforming you back in time to 1908.

Avonlea Village.


From the minute you purchase your ticket and arrive via the train station (just as Anne herself did) you’re literally transformed into the world of Anne. All of the characters are there – from chatty Anne, to loyal Diana, to the ever charming and handsome Gilbert Blythe.

Who I may add – will momentarily pretend not to understand how an iPhone camera works (1908 remember) and snap a selfie of himself for you to find later. Smooth Gil, smooth.

IMG_9435 IMG_9426 1

And then there’s Tommy – who proposed to Colleen within minutes of meeting her. We really hope she loves his pig farm as much as he does.


Not only did we take in a lesson on prohibition from Miss Stacey and have tea with Anne and Diana, but we also learned how to churn butter, got pulled into a pie eating contest (Colleen won!) and had way too much fun in the costume house.

IMG_9356IMG_9354IMG_9419IMG_9420IMG_9405photo 2

We also got to try on the most amazing hats in the gift shop that took all of our restraint not to buy.

IMG_9437To say Avonlea Village exceeded our expectations (especially mine as the non-tourist) would be an understatement. I would highly recommend a day there to anyone – the actors were incredible and so interactive, the live shows were stage worthy, and the coordinated demonstrations and audience participation events were super fun.

So how does one end the perfect day in the most magical place on PEI?

Sunset photo shoot, duh!

photo 3photo 4photo 4photo 3IMG_9570IMG_9557photo 5As always, thank you for the magic Prince Edward Island.

I can’t wait to spend the weekend with you again.

x C x

Check back tomorrow for the C List coming all the way from Cavendish! x 

The Most Magical Place on PEI, Part 1

13 Aug

Welcome to the third part of the #CCAsEastCoastVoyage series! If you missed the previous two –  be sure to check out “Let’s Get Our Anchor On” and “Keep Confederating!”  And while I know I said this post was dedicated to our entire day in Cavendish – the number of good shots, experiences, and memories is too much for one post. Come back tomorrow for Part 2! 

On day three of our epic road trip, we left Charlottetown bright and early headed to the land of Anne of Green Gables – Cavendish, Prince Edward Island.

It had been years since I last visited Cavendish – eight to be exact – and closer to twenty years since I’d visited with the intent to do all things Anne. As Colleen, Amber and I are all book nerds, it seemed fitting we spend a day dedicated entirely to taking in all of Cavendish’s Anne attractions.

Of course, we started where else but the beautiful and classic Green Gables – yes, the inspiration for the house in the book.

Green Gables is set the way it would have appeared in 1908 when Anne came to live with Marilla and Mathew. From Anne’s carpet bag and boots, to her dress with beautiful puffed sleeves. You may even find some raspberry cordial in the pantry.

The grounds are stunning – stroll (or twirl, if you’re me) in the haunted woods, said to be author Lucy Maud Montgomery’s favourite haunt for inspiration. Or sit back in a carriage or on the grass and enjoy a cold Raspberry Cordial from the Butter Churn Cafe.

And if you’re really lucky – Anne herself may even be around.

And she may talk books with you.

And you may fangirl.

And that’s totally normal and OK. Right?


photo 1

IMG_9207IMG_9210IMG_9233 1

photo 1IMG_9249

IMG_9264IMG_9276Honestly, I forgot how incredibly magical Green Gables truly is.

It may sound cheesy or cliche, but as a writer myself with a vivid (to say the least) imagination – I couldn’t have had a better fictional character to admire than Anne Shirley as a child.

Experiencing that magic now as an adult, who arguably writes and reads more than I did as a ten year old (and I wore through a lot of typewriter ribbons back then) was indescribable. Getting to do it with friends who love books just as much as myself and who I wouldn’t know if it weren’t for a silly book in the first place?

Well… Excuse me while I get super misty eyed, struggle with words and pic spam you with my favourite shots from the day that I’m honestly so in love with – two of them have even made my blog side bar.

photo 2IMG_9612IMG_9287IMG_9288IMG_9343IMG_9347

For those who are curious – the book I was reading is the 100 Years of Anne special edition sold at the Green Gables gift shop! How could I possibly say no to that?

And if you’re wondering what Anne is reading – she told me she’s currently reading Tennyson’s Poetical Works.

Make sure to come back tomorrow for Cavendish, Part Two for all things Avonlea and let’s face it – Gilbert Blythe.

x C x


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