The C List

theclistHappy Friday!

This week’s C List is extra packed with a ton of great links – including several with ridiculously cute baby animals. Because really, that’s how EVERY Friday should start.

I’m looking forward to spending the weekend with many of my favorite humans celebrating my best friend’s husband Marc’s birthday – appropriately named “Marcmas.” We often joke that Marc is my CPO – Chief Purchasing Officer – as he and Brittany, being the epic humans they are, bought my domain for me years ago and continue to renew it yearly.

So, just for my CPO:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARC!!! Thank you for being you and for treating B like the wonderfully, beautiful princess that she is. You and her are my definition of #relationshipgoals. 

And now, here is this week’s C List.

1.  Super Bowl commercial: Comedians Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen brag about the size of their caucuses (via Mashable) If you love a) Super Bowl commercials b) Amy Schumer c) Seth Rogen or d) all of the above – this one is for you!

2.  10 Recipes You’ll Still Have Time To Make When You Get Home From Work (via Refinery29) No excuses.

3. Here’s How I Went From Zero Followers To Winning Instagram (via Refinery29) If you’re trying to up your Instagram game – this post is for you.

4. 7 Ways to be More Consistent With Your Health (via the Blissful Mind) After starting 2016 a little more burnt out from 2015 than I would have liked, I made the conscience decision that healthy living was a priority for 2016. This post is a great place to start for those of you thinking of doing the same!

5. First Trailer For Romance ‘Me Before You’ Starring Emilia Clarke And Sam Claflin (via IndieWire) Grab some tissues, watch this trailer, plan a girls night.

6. 73 Questions with Derek Zoolander (via YouTube) You’re welcome. That’s all.

7. Super cute baby meerkats explore the outside world for first time (via Mashable) Again. You’re welcome.

8. 9 Tips to Kissable Lips (via Jillian Harris) Just in time for Valentine’s Day – ladies, these tips rule.

9. Baby bandicoot found napping in a duckling nest (via Mashable) More cute animals because can you really have too many cute animals? I don’t think so.

Have a great weekend, folks!


Guilty Pleasure of the Month


Little known fact: I really don’t watch a lot of TV. In fact, 2015 marked the year I cancelled my cable subscription, on account of the fact I could count the number of shows I watched in an entire year on one hand and buying season passes on Apple TV made WAY more sense.

But lately, because it’s winter (read: there’s nothing to do) I’ve found myself in front of a TV or Netflix screen way more than usual.  Together, D and I have binged a few new shows while watching a ton of episodes of some of his favorites that were new to me: Parks and Recreation and Archer. Both now loved by yours truly. Seriously. What was my life before Parks and Recreation?

Our latest indulgence? Netflix’s Jessica Jones. 

Now, this one took a little more convincing for both of us. I have a tendency to take forever to watch shows that everyone and their dog tells me to watch. We had just finished binging Mr. Robot, which, if you have watched Mr. Robot, you know how much of a trip down the rabbit hole THAT show is. It was an extremely hard act to follow, so when we decided to watch the Jessica Jones pilot, I’ll admit – we weren’t rushing to hit next episode when it was done.

It wasn’t that we didn’t like it, we just weren’t hooked in the way Mr. Robot hooked us after 10 minutes. Which, by the way, I realize this is a post about Jessica Jones but you should probably all go watch Mr. Robot in one weekend while you’re at it. Trust me on this one.

Where was I? Oh right. Jessica Jones.

Fast forward to a week later and our classic dilemma. Do we watch another Parks and Rec? We’ve cruised through about three seasons in the past month. Or do we try episode 2 of Jessica Jones? We landed on the second option and by the end of episode two – we were HOOKED.

If you haven’t watched Jessica Jones yet – please take it from someone who typically never listens to the hype around a show. I get it. You’re one of the cool kids that hasn’t watched Jessica Jones yet and that’s brag worthy. Hell, I was one of you two weeks ago until suddenly I wasn’t. So just trust me on this and you can thank me later.

Need more convincing? Other than how perfectly dark this show is, you’re going to love the character dynamics. From Jessica Jones friendship with her best friend Trish, to the few trysts I have seen so far – we’re only six episodes in. Plus, if you’re a fan of any other Marvel movies or comics, you’re going to love the subtle references to the Avengers and superhero universe.

So seriously. Just go watch it. And then we can all form a support group when we’re done. Ok? Ok.


Have you kissed a weekend goodbye to binge Jessica Jones? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me!  And if you haven’t already, make sure to check out last week’s Product of the Month! It’s a good one! 

The C List


Happy Friday friends!

I wanted to start off by thanking ALL of you for the amazing birthday wishes last week – 32 has gotten off to a fantastic start. I can’t wait to see what the next 51 weeks of 32  will bring.

I also wanted to thank all of you who entered my giveaway to win a copy of On Resilience (read all about this amazing book here) AND congratulations to Jess (@sianria) – you are the lucky winner of your own copy of On Resilience. I’ll be in touch within 24 hours to get your copy over to you!

Now, I’m ready to start my Friday and a much needed, lazy weekend so let’s kick this day off with all of the links I’m absolutely crushing on this week!

1. Sloth rescued from a busy highway will fill your weary heart with love (via Buzzfeed) True story: I have spent more time looking at these pictures, flailing my arms and fighting happy tears this week than I can admit – if you haven’t taken a moment to read  this happy ending story, do it now!

2. People Are Going Nuts Over This Ridiculously Hot Veterinarian (via Buzzfeed) Honestly, you should be sitting down for this one. Especially if you have a weakness for cute animals and men who love them.

3. Neighbors 2 Trailer (via YouTube) I LOVED Neighbors, so naturally I cannot wait for the sequel. What do you think?

4. 22 Tiny Things You Should Do For Yourself Every Single Day (via Thought Catalogue) Please, take a moment, read this list. There truly is something on here for everyone that will change your day for the better.

5. John Krasinski Talking About How Much He Loves Emily Blunt Will Destroy You (via Buzzfeed) These two were truly the reason someone invented #relationshipgoals.

6. 16 Texts Fetuses Wish They Could Send (via Buzzfeed) This one is for all my friends and followers with kids, but I’m not going to lie – I snorted tea reading this, so whether you’ve ever had a fetus as a tenant or not. You’re in for a good laugh.

7. Dax and Kristen Do Africa (via YouTube) This is pretty much the greatest thing I saw all week. Can we all agree, these two have the most fun ever?

And that’s it for this week – have an absolutely epic weekend!


If you haven’t already checked out my Product of the Month – what are you waiting for? This beauty product is a MUST for the ladies. And as always, if you’re not following me on Snapchat, what are you waiting for? Add me: 👻 crystalcrichard for daily snaps, stories, and sneak peeks behind the scenes the scenes of the blog! 

Product of the Month – Pacifica Natural Nail Polish


Moment of truth. I love getting my nails done as much as the next girl in line at the salon, but truth be told, I’m far too stingy (read: frugal) to pay to get my nails done regularly. That’s just who I am and the reality is, sometimes a girl must choose between regular trips to Starbucks or the nail salon. I will choose my Toffee Nut Non-Fat Latte any day.

All of this to say, I still love having my nails painted in an array of colors. In the winter, it’s reds or soft pinks. In the summer, it’s every color under the rainbow from corals to aquas. Because let’s face it, bright colors are a must with a great tan and sun kissed hair.

I’ve always done my own nails, but recently informed myself about the dangers of most drug store nail polish brands. I could get into all the terrifying facts, like skin cancer underneath your nail (yes, I see you all cringing) but instead, I’m going to share the most wonderful solution I’ve recently discovered to this growing problem of finding a SAFE but CHIP PROOF (key words here) nail color.

Enter Pacifica Natural Nail Polish.


Now, I realize I’ve shared several Pacifica products on here before and no, I receive nothing in return for spreading the Pacifica love. I’m just a HUGE fan of their product line, thanks to my best friend introducing me to their coconut water face wipes over a year ago. Read all about my love for them here.

The truth is – I continuously share this brand’s products because they’re simply amazing and the nail colors are NO exception. The first time I tried the polish, I did my nails in the evening before bed. The next morning, I did the dishes, vacuumed, did the laundry, hand washed intimates, did the dishes again, SCRUBBED MY FLOORS, and oh wait – did I mention did the dishes twice? This polish did NOT chip. At all. No top coat required.

Plus, they come in absolutely beautiful colors. Check them all out here.

Seriously, if you can’t find these locally – order online! If you’re in my area, visit your local Sequoia and pick up some colors today!


PS: Have you entered my Book of the Month giveaway yet?  It ends TONIGHT at midnight! Learn more here.